Why is Mathematics Important?


9 Jan 2021

Why is Mathematics Important?

“Why do I need to learn algebra and calculus when I don’t really need it in my later life?” “I am going to a course that doesn’t require math, why do I still need to study math?” When revising for mathematics, I am sure some of these thoughts may have surfaced and you feel doubtful about yourself while solving mathematics questions. Mathematics is a subject that is studied in every part of the world and surely this must mean that it is important in our lives to a certain extent. Here are some reasons as to why studying Mathematics matter:

1. Mathematics Trains us to be a Better Problem-Solver

Mathematics is all about rational thinking and analytical problem-solving. While doing mathematics questions, we are in a constant search for the solution while trying to simplify a problem. It is through this constant exercise that trains us to be a better problem-solver.

2. Career (the more practical reason)

At some point of time, you must have heard of the phrase that “math is all around us”. Whoever that told you this is definitely right! Almost every career requires mathematics. Accountants, engineers, scientists, pilots require mathematics to perform their jobs. Even careers that seem to not have much link to mathematics require them. Surgeons need to understand how different dosage of medications can affect the functions of a body, lawyers require good understanding of statistics to present evidence to support their claims.

It does not matter what career you are planning to get into, being strong in mathematics will open so much more options for you.

3. Better Decision-Maker

Having a good grasp of mathematical concepts such as ratios and percentages, allows you to quickly determine the value of certain decisions. Stock-pickers will usually look at several financial ratios to determine the worth of a company while consumers can look at ratios to determine the best purchase.

You become a better shopper the better your math is.

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