Three Tips to Prepare for Math Exam


16 Jan 2021

Three Tips to Prepare for Math Exam

Mathematics examination is just around the corner and you might feel anxious about how you will perform during the examination. But fret not, so long as you are sufficiently prepared, you will do decently.

Here are 3 tips to prepare for mathematics examination:

1. Manage the Quality and Quantity of Practice

“Math is all about practice” is probably a message that has been ingrained in many students’ minds since their early education. Thus, many students simply just do questions after questions to fulfil their practice ‘quota’. However, what many students do not realise is that the quality of their practice is actually more important.

When students get a question wrong, he or she should reflect deeply on what are the factors that resulted in the failure of obtaining the solution. Is it misapplication of concept, poor execution of concepts (due to clumsiness), not understanding the problem?

While looking at the solutions, focus not on the steps (by furiously copying down) but rather the rationale behind the steps (why do we do this step?).

2. Start Early

Usually I will encourage students not to practise new questions excessively a couple of days before exam (especially one day before) as it usually creates a lot of stress. Instead, students should tone down the quantity of practice and focus on reviewing the past mistakes they have made in their tutorials and the class tests done in the past.

While reviewing through, you can laugh at yourselves for making silly mistakes but at the same time reassure yourself that you have conquered that and will definitely do better the next time.

How your Practice vs. Time graph should look like

Unfortunately, many students fall into this category :(

3. Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

Your physical and mental states can play a huge part in your performance during the examination. This means that you constantly strive to eat, exercise and sleep well. Don’t forget to give yourself some time for relaxation.

Taking a planned break is part of your big plan to ace that mathematics examination. So do not feel guilty about losing out on the time for math practice.

But take note the keyword here is “planned”.

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