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JC Maths Tuition was established by Mr Alric Tan to provide an enriching and effective way to study Mathematics. Under his tutelage, numerous students have overcome their setbacks and become more proficient in the subject.

Mr Alric Tan

Honours (Highest Distinction) equivalent to First Class Honours

B. Soc. Sci (Hons) in Psychology, National University of Singapore (NUS)

Initial stages

Despite having a very strong background in Mathematics and Science, Alric pursued Psychology as a degree during his university years (which was a shock to his parents and friends). Nonetheless, Alric proved that it is not the specialised subject knowledge that matters but how knowledge and skills learned from one subject can be applied effectively across many other disciplines. He also applied his effective study method and was able to achieve A’s in many other disciplines like Business, Finance, Language.

The Teaching Journey

During his university years, he started out with part-time private tuition to earn money to ease some of his financial burden. At the end of his university, he realised that his passion is still in Math and Science as he enjoys teaching students these subjects. Nonetheless, he did not regret his choice in his university as studying Psychology also gave him a good perspective of the soft elements (like motivation, cognition, memory) involved in teaching and learning. On top of that, the statistical training he received in university was also relevant in helping him deliver a more effective statistics lesson for his secondary and JC students.

Student-centric Methods

One of Alric’s greatest strengths is to simplify complex concepts into simple concepts that students can grasp easily. He HATES plain memorisation but focuses on teaching tips and tricks to help students relate and remember facts and concepts easily. Alric is also effective in imparting problem-solving skills to students and he constantly encourages students to come up with other ways to solve the same problem. Learning and teaching does not end in the classroom. He also takes time to reply to the constant flooding of Whatsapp messages from his students during off-lesson hours.


Hear from students and parents!

By the end of the programme, students have become more confident and improved their grades. Read more to find out why our Math Tuition is the perfect fit for you.


Mr Tan is a very approachable tutor. He helped me a lot in understanding the math concepts and examination-related questions. My foundation in Math has been weak (and I have always been scoring less than 20 marks) but Mr Tan continued to believe in me. And thankfully I was able to achieve my desired grade for H2 Math in A level. Thank you Mr Tan!


Mr Tan’s lessons were very to-the-point and inspiring. He was able to condense very complicated concepts into simple ideas which helped me understand the chapters better. Sometimes he also teaches us some topics in advance before the school starts on it and that foundation really helped me a lot in keeping up with my lectures. Usually without that, I would have been lost halfway in the lecture. The questions that he sourced for us are also very relevant and he explained the solutions very clearly. Thanks to that, I am able to achieve A for H2 Math.


Hey Mr Tan! Thanks for teaching me. My maths would still be failing if it weren’t for you. I am very honoured to be a student of yours, a person with such intellect! Thanks for being hard on me when you needed to and being super nice and empathetic the rest of the time. I really appreciate it.

Jared Goh

Mr Tan is a very patient and kind tutor. His teaching methods are very comprehensive and he helped me understand math concepts easily. He helped my A Math and E Math grades improve drastically. Very highly recommended!


Mr Tan is a friendly teacher who has really helped me to improve in my maths. He provides many useful tips for understanding concepts which are simple and easy to apply. He also goes through every chapter in detail, ensuring that we are well-versed in the subject matter. He gives out homework that is easy to cope with so that I can also focus on my school homework and helps me with school work that I might have trouble with and makes sure that I understand why I made my mistakes and how to solve the problems. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who has problems with maths.


Lessons with Mr Tan are enjoyable because he does not pressure his students too much. Instead he forms a bond that encourages his students to do their very best. He has a lot of faith in his students and that is what makes us want to excel. The atmosphere during lessons are fun and I find myself sharing laughs with Mr Tan a lot. Mr Tan is a friendly teacher and I see him as a great friend and teacher.


My sincere thanks to Mr Tan who coached my daughter in Math for her N Level Exam. We are really grateful to you as without you mentoring her, she would not have improved from U to a grade 3.

Mrs Lee

Alric was very patient, encouraging and clear in his explanation. His ability to connect with my son, Gerald was instrumental in building Gerald’s interest and confidence in Mathematics. My son’s scores were E8 and below for both E Maths and A Maths when he was in Secondary 3 but he was finally able to score both A1 for his E Maths and A maths. Many thanks to Alric for being there whenever my son needed to clarify his questions and doubts.


Mr Tan is a wonderful teacher who helped me improve my A Math from a D7-F9 (usual range) to an immediate A2 in a time frame of barely less than a year. He is very approachable and gave very good tips on how to study.

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