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Secondary and JC Maths Tuition

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JC Maths Tuition seeks to provide specialised tuition for students to allow them to excel in the examination. In our centre based in Bishan, we provide GCE A Level Mathematics Tuition for H1 Mathematics, H2 Mathematics students and O Level Mathematics (E-Math) and Additional Mathematics (A-Math).

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The Mathematics programme is designed and conducted by our experienced math tutor, Mr Alric Tan, who has taught for at least 8 years. Mr Tan specialises in providing Mathematics and Science tuition for JC and Secondary levels. He has achieved academic excellence throughout his education years, scoring 8 A1s in O level and 6 distinctions in A level. He has also been placed on the Dean’s List during his university years. He has also joined several Mathematics competitions and achieved remarkable results.

Our Tuition Programmes

Secondary and JC Maths Tuition

We provide weekly classes to cover important topical concepts, conduct class practices and allow students to clarify their doubts that they may have whether it is specific to their homework or other mathematical concepts. The lessons are also exam-focused - the tutors provide study tips and highlight areas that are crucial for their GCE O and A Level examinations.

Secondary Math Tuition

The tuition programmes we offer are structured and updated to keep up in line the latest O Level Mathematics and Additional Mathematics. More intensive classes will be arranged during the school holidays and pre-examination seasons.

JC Math Tuition

Weekly classes are offered for both H1 and H2 Mathematics. Additional classes will be conducted during the school holidays and pre-examination (Promo, Prelim) seasons. Do check out with your tutors!

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Browse these articles and gain insights to the O and A Level Mathematics subjects. These articles are written by the Math Tutor to keep students and parents informed on the essential matters, such as the importance of the subject as well as useful study tips.

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